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Product development starts with a special kind of thought - a dream. From the smallest concept such as a clothes pin that stopped clothes from blowing away in the wind, to revolutionary inventions such as the telephone; the best inventions started as ideas, that in turn were once just dreams. Investing in ideas and a strong dedidcation to their development can eventually lead to successful inventions. Finally, through many hours of development - inventions into successful products. Engineering Investment, is the most effective way to improve your product; and build a lasting corporation.

First, find the right people...

Our team of professionals can draw from decades of experience from diverse backgrounds, specializing in helping start-ups get off of the ground. We are an energetic group whom collectively have a passion for innovation and innovative technologies. We have worked through every concievable problem - from making complex prototypes, to creating new product validation programs, finding key suppliers and contract manufacturers, creating quality control programs and factory acceptance tests and even dealing with logistics to make sure the products are delivered safely and cost effectively.

No matter what challenge you might be facing...

We can provide many services to help you. Whether you just have a napkin sketch, are missing one critical piece to launch your Kickstarter campaign, or are a multi-million dollar corporation looking to improve your supply chain; we've been there and can provide guidance and direct hands-on support to move your corporation to the next level.

3d Printer

Prototyping Services

Build your dreams.

Engineering Drawing

Engineering Services

Improve your products.

Investment Casting

Design for Manufacturing

Develop for massive production volumes.

Machined Shafts

Supply Chain Optimization

Hone production capabilities.

Coordinate Measurement Machine

Quality Control

Manufacture to a high standard of excellence.

Container Ship

Logistics Services

Air, Land or Sea - we have the best solutions.

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